For four weeks BYU volleyball fans had to do without Taylor Sander, and last week he made up for lost time. The Sander Factor proved to be more than Pepperdine could handle with his 21 kills, four blocks and four digs. Tonight we’ll see if his healed hand can handle the #11 Pacific Tigers.

Sander broke his hand in practice on January 27, prior to the back-to-back losses BYU suffered to Stanford in early February. Doctors estimated the injury would keep him out four to seven weeks. Fast-forward four weeks and I wonder if his hand was even broken in the first place. If that’s what a broken hand does for your game we should break them more often! With just one practice under his belt, the man was incredible.

Every high-flying kill and thunderous block he delivered gave fans something to scream about. And like any great athlete, his presence seemed to intimidate the opposing team. With Sander on the court, BYU was back in sync. The perfectly aged T-bone steak that is BYU volleyball was missing something when he was injured, and Sander came as the perfect touch of seasoning for the fans to devour. He has a tenacity and force that they have just come to expect.

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