The BYU men's basketball team is getting ready for their first game of the season on Friday night as they host Tennessee State. When asked about the starting five for the game, Coach Rose said, “We need to really evaluate the match-ups and go through our best scenario.”


It appears that as of now there are only three locked-in starters: Davies, Haws and Carlino. Rose also went on to mention the importance of figuring out when and where guys will play as the season gets underway.


“Guys we think can start the game, guys who can come off the bench and give us a lift…those are issues we need to talk about."


When asked about football’s Bronson Kaufusi joining the team, Coach Rose just smiled and said, “We will see. That’s a long way down the road if it happens. We will see how that works.”


As far as the two injuries for BYU, Rose said Anson Winder is out of his boot and practicing, while Ian Harward is “trying to feel his way back to the floor.” Winder has practiced the past couple of days now, and it's great news for BYU as Rose said he could possibly play this Friday.


One last note from Coach Rose, as he mentioned freshman Cooper Ainge will red shirt the 2012-2013 season.


Brandon Davies continues to get asked about his increase of shooting range, to which he responded, “I’ll let my actions speak louder than my words, so we’ll see what happens. With open shots, I’ll just try to knock them down, wherever they’re at.”


When asked about Tennessee State and facing Robert Covington down low, Davies said, “He’s a great player. We’re going to play how we play defensively. We’re a good defensive team, and we’re a help defensive team, so it works right into our strengths to help each other out.”


Tyler Haws is excited for the season to start and already back into pre-mission shape. He won the team’s pre-season mile run with a time of 5:02. When asked about the difference he has seen from Davies before and after his mission, Tyler said, “He’s grown up a lot…he draws so much attention inside and he’s a very unselfish player and makes everyone better around him.”


Here’s a link to all three of the interviews to get the full scoop on what’s happening two days before tipoff!