BYUtv Sports is your go-to source for Cougar coverage this football season! Here's information about Friday's pre-game and post-game shows:


Countdown to Kickoff – Friday, 6pm ET/4pm MT

Join Dave McCann, Blaine Fowler and our team of reporters and football analysts for an hour-long pre-game show broadcast live before the game.


BYU @ UConn – 7pm ET/5pm MT

Watch the game live on ESPN.


BYUtv Sports Post-Game – Friday, immediately following the game (approx. 10:30pm ET/8:30pm MT)

Catch first reaction on the field from players and coaches as well as video highlights, stats, analysis and a preview of BYU's next opponent, Texas, in the post-game show.



Despite our best efforts, we were unable to secure rebroadcast or online VOD (Video on Demand) rights for the BYU vs. UConn game. Rights to re-air the game are dictated by the home team/conference and their broadcast partners. (Learn more about our rebroadcast rights for BYU games here.)


After Further Review - Tuesday, Sept. 2, 8pm ET/6pm MT

Our football panel will break down key plays and sequences from the BYU vs. UConn football game -- educating both avid and casual football fans about how each play was executed and the nuances of the different play schemes (e.g. offensive and defensive sets, position assignments, etc.) using the network’s new high-tech analysis technology. Click here for more details.


Countdown to Kickoff and the BYUtv Sports Post-Game show will also be available to watch on and all of BYUtv’s phone and Roku apps.