(Photo by BYU Photo)

What's your full name and it meaning?

Devin Miles Mahina. Mahina means ‘moon’ in Tongan. I actually just found that out. Back in the day one of my ancestors was an assassin for the king. I guess he did nightly missions and that’s where the ‘moon’ comes into play.


Why your jersey number?

Well, my favorite team growing up was the Denver Broncos, and I loved watching Shannon Sharpe. Same number and same position. I’m still a fan of them, and they just signed Wes Welker, so that’s exciting.


Expectations for this year?

My expectations this year are obviously to become a starter. I want to become a go-to-guy for the offense, whether it’s first down or third down. I just want to be able to come down with the ball.


What's your favorite play on the field?

I just love playing with my boys. I’d say catching touchdowns or even getting pancake blocks. I love getting the blocks. If it came down to it I’d actually say they are pretty even in my opinion.


Do you have any side hobbies?

I like playing basketball. I’m also an avid FIFA player on the PS3. That’s all I play. I’m the best on the team. I probably win a majority of the time. I used to play Ziggy but he stopped playing me, maybe because I kept winning.


Any pre-game rituals?

I like to go on the field and walk around a little bit. I also always have an energy drink before the game. That just gets me ready to go.


Is the new style on offense easy or hard to pick up?

The speed. It’s fast. You have to be in shape. If you’re not in shape, you’re out after two plays. Maybe I’ll need to up my energy drinks. It’s really fast-paced, but I like it a lot because it keeps the defense on their heels and we can excel when they are tired.


Do you have any superstitions?

Not anything crazy. I have to make sure my gloves are right. If they don’t feel comfortable I have to get new ones.


What’s in your music library?

It just depends. If there is a new song out there that I really like, I’ll listen to that over and over. Last season it was a J-Boog song. It was a reggae song that I’d listen to over and over. It doesn’t get old and just gets my mind right.


What game are you looking forward to the most this season?

I think Utah. I haven’t beaten them yet. It’s been three years so it would be really nice to finally get one under the belt.